Corfiot Cuisine


pastitsadaPastitsada made either from beef or rooster. Although these dishes are cooked by similar cooking instructions, the taste is distinctly different in each dish. For the beef dish the ingredients are the followings. Some pieces of lean beef cooked in thick tomato sauce made from olive oil and flavored with garlic, onion, cinnamon, salt and black pepper. However, the best taste is achieved by using a fresh piece of meat and not a frozen one. The meat has to be cut into large chunks and be lean and red.


sofritoThis is a braised steak in garlic vinegar sauce, simmered with garlic, parsley sticks and marjoram. It is garnished with roast potatoes or rice. This is one of the many traditional dishes of Corfu. As most corfiot local dishes, it dates back from the Venetian times.



biancoBianco means “white” in Italian. This recipe is a fishermen’s favourite dish. This is fish usually it is cooked in a casserole in a white sauce. The fish that is mostly used is cod. The sauce contains garlic, lemon juice and oil. The fish is cooked together with potatoes.



BourdetoThe name of this dish, which is also used in other Ionian islands as well, comes from the Venetian word brodeto, which means broth.Bourthetto is delicious made with tope , cod or haddock, or scorpion fish (red or black), cooked with tomato sauce, garlic, onion and spicy pepper. In Corfu when they cook Bourdheto they mostly cook Scorpio, a red fish with white meat, many bones and poisonous thorns. Scorpio is a rather expensive fish and is also used in Greece for making the famous “kakavia” fish soup.

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